Lens maintenance

  • Hello there. I tried to clean up the dust and fingerprint stain on my H1. When I was cleaning the lens with a microfibre tissue I noticed that there is a stain on the inside of the lens enclosure.How is it possible? Is it because the microfibres tissue wasn’t totally dry? How to remove it? Do you recommend open the enclosure? What to do?

  • Hi Miko, please don't wipe the lens. Part of H1 lens is made of resin material which is really easy to be scratched. Normally we would suggest customers to use air blower, just don't touch the lens directly.

    Now, please contact us via email: service@xgimi.com for the further instruction.

    Please tell me the S/N and purchase platform as well.

  • @Ari Thanks for the reply. I sent you the email to the address provided. Please help. My lens is very blurry now

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