Halo first impressions

  • I received my Halo this week and I'm very impressed so far. Once the issues with bluetooth & Netflix compatibility are fixed, it will be an outsanding device.
    If anyone is waiting for theirs to arrive, here is a quick video of mine being unboxed and set up for the first time:

  • @silvern
    I am also very impressed with my Halo. People that have been over are blown away by how great the picture looks and the built in sound quality.

    The only unfortunate thing I can respond is that while using side projection mode, as you are:

    • The text is not as sharp, which I am assuming is due to software scaling.
    • 3D mode is not available
    • Game Mode is not available, which is required if you don't want input lag.

    Since you can not zoom the image outside of side projection mode, I had to use a tripod in the middle of my living room rather than setting it behind my couch as originally planned.

    I also went through a few 100" screens before finding the Yard Master 2, and wow, the screen makes a big difference!

  • @silvern Hi , I received my Halo two days ago , and I am testing . Color is great ! But also i have issues with bluetooth , I am traying to pair a sound bar Bose and Yamaha neither works . what did you do to fix this ? Thank you, if someone can help me.

  • @mac
    Currently Halo supports Bluetooth in is only due to the certification issue of Android tv system.
    We've learned that people prefer to use mogo as a Bluetooth speaker at the beginning.
    Based on the feedback from Facebook group, customers are requesting the Bluetooth out function.
    XGIMI tech team is working on Bluetooth out function. For now, we got the positive feedback that it could be updated via a software update.
    It shall be added in the next update once finished. (Around the end of December)
    Thanks for your support and understanding.

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