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  • RE: Dead H1

    @Mario-Rodriguez Hi Mario, got your email concerning on the H1 power issue, please check the reply.

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  • RE: A few questions about the Halo

    @fonix232 Good day, hope you've had a nice weekend.

    1. we've updated this info. in the FAQs on our official website, the user manual would be updated in the future, please stay tuned. 🙂

    2. Ok, then the Bluetooth speaker mode shall meet your requirement. 🙂

    3. I understand your request, but it can be added due to the hardware limits indeed, the projector needs a small part to be installed to test the battery storage, that's why it shows the "battery" instead of battery *%.
      We can't just ask all customers to send the projector back to China and disassemble each one to add the parts, so we'll try our best to work on the software support, make it more accurate to show the battery on the screen. Appreciate your understanding.

    4. Projector is different from other devices, there is no specical security for it. 😞 But we'll always there whenever any issue happens. And some issues can only be fixed in the firmware update, not like the regular update from phone or PC.

    5. The battery limits is original setup to protect the system, appreciate your understanding.

    6. it's from the system setup as well, we can't take every projector for the same situation, appreciate your understanding.

    7. Thanks in advance

    For the other issues, please email to, attaching the related pictures or video, I'll check it for you. 🙂

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  • RE: Youtube issue on H1

    @smshuja Hi, thanks for your support.

    This is not a technical issue, Netflix requires the related certification to play the videos. Sorry to say we are still working on the BD proces, so the video content is blocked due to the copyright issue. Would suggest you to try the tv stick for more streaming apps.

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  • RE: Problem with Firmware CC Aurora

    @souris10 Hi dear customer,

    Thanks for your support. Normally, we offer two versions for XGIMI projectors: Chinese vesion for Chinese customers, and Global version for customers from overseas.
    The two versions have the same outlook, but they are different from inside. Please don't switch between different versions to avoid the system crash. Have you checked with the original reseller?

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  • RE: A few questions about the Halo

    @fonix232 Hi, thanks for your support. Please check the below info. for more details:

    1. Halo can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, please long-press the power button of remote, you'll see more options--display off

    2. this feature is just like the Bluetooth speaker mode, but it might consume the battery faster than the off mode, as it needs to keep the Bluetooth signal. PS: if you don't use the projector for a long time, you can long-press the power button on Halo to turn it off completely, still, please charge it once every two week to protect the battery.

    3. the battery percentage needs the hardware optimization, so sorry it can't be added for now, we shall make it up for future models. 🙂

    4. We'll update the firmware every quarter of the year. It's a smart projector with official android tv system, so it'll need much more tests for the system issue and compatibility with other devices and apps.

    5. this setup is to make sure the update can be finished successfully, if something happened to the update process, the projector would be damaged. System update consume battery faster than normal using, if it has no battery during the updating process, or power got cut out(even when plugged in), Halo might not be turned on again.

    6. it's a default setup which can't be changed due to the android tv system, appreciate your understanding.

    7. thanks, I'll update it to our team. 🙂

    8. you mean Netflix issue? Please know we've been working on this issue for a long time, and it's not for us to say if we can get it or not. 😞 Netflix is a big request from all customers, but we are still quite new to the overseas market, it's hard to just cooperate with the third platforms, but sure we would finally get it with the support from loyal customers like you guys.

    Thanks again for the support, have a nice day~

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  • RE: Hulu

    @ashish-123 Hi Ashish, thanks for your support.

    Could you please try to reinstall the app? PS: please clear the data and cache of play store and hulu before you install it again. If it doesn't work, please email me a small video to, I'll check it for you.

    For the netflix issue, we are still working on teh BD process, please check the netflix in XTV manager:

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  • RE: Z4 Aurora - App install issue

    @hiteshuppal Hi, thanks for your support.
    I've replied to your email, please check. 🙂

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  • RE: XGIMI #H3 Chinese / Global Version

    @maxmelb Hi Max,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    We won't have H3 global version anymore, but there would be another brand new model in the first half of next year, please stay tuned. 🙂

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  • RE: Problem with Firmware CC Aurora

    @Jamesnl Hi,

    The latest version for CC is V1.2.0, if you mean the youtube issue, please try the " smart youtube tv" in Aptoide.

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  • RE: is there an API?

    @siobhan Hi, thanks for your support.

    I've replied to your email request, please check. 🙂

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